The Ultimate Prom Planning Guide/Timeline

The Ultimate Prom Planning Guide/Timeline

It’s possible that you’ve been planning your high school prom for a long time now! We know that prom is such an exciting experience, and we love helping our customers throughout this journey. However, there can be a lot of anxiety when it comes to planning for prom!


That’s what we’re here to help with today. We’ve put together a planning guide/timeline for you to embrace the excitement of prom planning and hopefully negate any excess anxiety you might have. Get ready to dance the night away at prom!


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This is the best time to start shopping around for your prom dress! Something fun to do with your girlfriends is to plan a road trip to go find the perfect dress to wear. You can make a whole day of it and have fun shopping and bonding with your best friends! We love to have customers travel into our store to shop with us, so just know that we’ll make sure the trip is worth your while!


And of course, if you’re a Dallas or Fort Worth local, please make a point to come by! The great thing about coming to WhatchamaCallit is that we don’t require appointments for prom dress shoppers.


Before shopping for a prom dress, it’s super helpful to get an idea of what type of dress you’re searching for. Lucky for you, we’ve got tons of blog posts dedicated to finding the perfect prom dress! These posts can help you get the inspiration you need to figure out what style, color, and silhouette you prefer. And we have lots of options at our locations! Whether you’re looking for a super bold, dramatic gown or something to match your sweet, bubbly personality, we have something for everyone.


You can even put together a Pinterest board with prom dresses you love and bring it in so we can get an idea of what dresses you love! But we definitely encourage you to try on lots of dresses and be open to experimenting - you never know what could look incredible on you!


JOVANI                                                   MORILEE



You definitely want to start planning transportation at this point. It’s great to get ahead with this because there are lots of prom-goers every year, so you’ll be competing for limos with potentially hundreds of other high schoolers. Save yourself future anxiety and get on top of planning these two months out. If you want to share a limo with friends, make sure they’re all on board and that everyone knows what the plan is! 



It’s good to go ahead and plan photography at least by this point. Some choose to simply take photos at home, while others might hire a photographer to take photos of them and their date (or friends, as well!). If you’re looking to take professional photos, you’ll need extra time to schedule that and accommodate for any potential scheduling issues you might come across.


This is also the ideal time to figure out the perfect undergarments for your prom dress! We have a few items on our website that will definitely come in handy. You’ll want to make sure you have the right bra for your dress (whether it’s strapless, spaghetti strap, asymmetrical, etc.) and any shapewear you might want.


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Something super fun to do as you’re getting closer to prom night is plan a spa day with your best friends! You can get together to get your nails done, get massages/facials. Make a whole day out of it! We also recommend that you go ahead and decide what you want to do with your hair and makeup at this point. And if you’re planning on having a spray tan for prom, go ahead and have a test run a month out so you can make sure everything looks perfect!



If you need any alterations for your dress, definitely take care of that at least two weeks out to give yourself plenty of time! The last thing you want is to request a rush job for a hem adjustment that might not be ready until right before prom.



Before you get your tan, test out your entire prom night look with your dress, undergarments, and shoes to make sure everything looks and feels just right! You’ll also want to go ahead and steam your dress if needed.



Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get ready the day of prom! Make a whole day out of it, relax, get ready leisurely, and most importantly, have fun!


We hope this guide helps you in preparation for prom! Here at WhatchamaCallit, we have thousands of gorgeous dresses in stock. If you’re ready to find your dream prom dress, come visit us today! We have two super convenient locations at Dallas and Fort Worth!