Prom Hairstyle Trends in 2022

Prom Hairstyle Trends in 2022

You’ve picked out a gorgeous formal dress and a pair of heels to match, and you’re almost ready to dance the night away at prom. No prom look is complete without the perfect hairstyle to tie it all together, so we’ve gathered some of our favorite trending hairdos to inspire your special occasion. 




Braids add a unique, alluring texture to your hairstyle and can be approached in so many ways! Consider wearing your hair in a single French braid cascading down your back or over your shoulder, or crafted into a crown around your head in a classic three-part pleat. This style combines youthfulness with elegance for breathtaking results. 


Hair Down


Wearing your hair down rather than in an intricate up-do exudes an aura of effortless beauty. For a sophisticated, controlled look, opt for straightened hair and a sleek middle part. For something youthful and voluminous, lean towards loose ringlets. If you want the look of wearing your hair down, but want some added security, we recommend that you tie half your hair up with a decorative comb, clip, or pin. 




Considering you’ll be rocking the dance floor all evening, you may want a hairstyle that will stay put until you make it back home. Ponytails keep any potential flyaway hairs in place and allow your full face to be on display. After all, your prom glam deserves as much camera time as it can get! You can take a refined approach to this style with a slicked back ponytail, or go for a more relaxed look with an intentionally messy ponytail.


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