Prom Dresses to Suit Your Aesthetic

Prom Dresses to Suit Your Aesthetic

It’s officially prom season, which means it’s time to find the perfect dress to wear! If you’re still on the hunt and are struggling to find something that suits your style, we at WhatchamaCallit
definitely understand how stressful that is. Today we want to offer some advice on how to find a prom dress that suits your aesthetic! Whether you want a look that’s more classic or girly, we’ve got some great styles for you to check out!




If you’re wanting to go for a more elegant prom look, we suggest styles like this that feel timeless and chic. It’s a relatively simple gown but offers special touches for girls wanting to keep things sophisticated! Don’t you love the bow on the shoulder, too? It’s such a sweet touch for an elegant dress!



Preppy styles have definitely made a comeback this year! It’s an aesthetic that’s school-friendly and looks best with lighter, classic colors. It’s the perfect style for girls who love to look put together in their everyday fashion choices!



This ultra-girly aesthetic is great for girls who are bubbly and feminine! Look for gowns that are brighter and lighter, like a sweet pink or pale purple hue. We love the combination of the tulle asymmetrical skirt and pretty bodice!


“That Girl”

This girl is the one who’s always wearing the most stylish looks - she’s a trendsetter, she’s the friend who has a daily skincare and workout routine, and she’s looking for fashion drama for prom! If you want to look like “that girl,” wear a bold color in a style that will steal the show!



If you’re an edgy girl, wear a dress or jumpsuit that looks a little different than what other girls might choose for prom! Stick with darker colors or monochromatic color choices that make a bold statement and have an edgy vibe with their details. 

If you’re ready to find your perfect prom dress with our team at WhatchamaCallit, come visit us soon; no appointments are needed for prom dress shopping!