Prom Dress Textures You’ll Love

Prom Dress Textures You’ll Love

Every year, all of our favorite formalwear designers release their latest collections, and with them comes an entirely new world of design details! This season, we can’t get enough prom dresses with unique textures, so here’s a few we know you’ll fall in love with, too:



Three-Dimensional Appliqués

Style #02841 by Jovani

Three-dimensional appliqués add a layer of texture that quite literally jumps out at you. This gorgeous design detail makes any dress a show-stopper from every angle, and you’ll love the way a prom dress with 3-D textures gently billows around you as you dance your heart out!




Style #11176 by Ashley Lauren

For the gal seeking a bold, red-carpet-ready prom look, sequins elevate any formal gown with light-reflecting, Hollywood-inspired glamor. Wear a sequined prom dress on the dance floor, and prepare for all eyes to remain on you!




Style #54906 by Sherri Hill

Ruffled prom dresses are dramatically voluminous and completely breathtaking. If you’re in need of a gown that shows off your avant-garde, couture-inspired tastes, then this airy, fluttering design is calling your name!


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