Our Favorite Bold Prom Dresses for 2021

Our Favorite Bold Prom Dresses for 2021

Here at Whatchamacallit, we’re a sucker for a bold prom dress. There’s no better time than to try out a fun, trendy look than prom—it’s an event just begging to have you show up in something bold. To inspire you to find something fun for prom, here are some of our favorite bold dresses this year. 


53531 by Sherri Hill

Nothing is quite as fun as a bright color, and we love this gorgeous bright blue Sherri Hill dress. The rest of the dress sticks to a simple, classic silhouette, while the bold color and subtly shiny fabric bring all the attention to you. We love the way this dress balances elegance with fun, creating the perfect simple, bold dress. 

53701 by Sherri Hill

A bold move we love? Jumpsuits for prom! While still formal, the pants give you more room to dance. We love the way this jumpsuit has a one-shoulder neckline and diagonal cutout, creating a cool parallel effect on top to make a statement. 


50700 by Tarik Ediz

There’s lots to love about this dress, but our favorite is the gorgeous, structured ruffle at the top of the slit. The ruffle creates a striking shape, and perfectly creates the slit for a unique yet stunning dress. We love the way the dress gathers towards the top of the ruffle, flattering your figure. 

03838 by Jovani

How fun is this cheetah print dress? The shape is simple and elegant, but the pattern gives this dress a fun, bold touch we love. The print is busy but neutral, and perfect for girls looking for something fun that doesn’t take itself too seriously. 

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