Dress Shape Diary

Dress Shape Diary

Finding the perfect formal dress for your special event can be a bit overwhelming, but with so many gorgeous options to choose from, how could we be surprised? Luckily, dress shapes offer the perfect way to start narrowing down your search. The shape, or silhouette, refers to the fit style that a dress is tailored to, which determines its overall look and feel. Selecting your favorite dress shape is the first step in finding the gown of your dreams, so here’s a breakdown of each option available at Whatchamacallit:




 The A-line dress shape features a fitted bodice and a gently flowing skirt that starts at the waist. This fabric cut slants inwards in a soft A-shape, creating a universally figure-flattering appeal and giving this silhouette its name. 


Ball Gown

The ball gown shape features a fitted bodice and a dramatically voluminous skirt that starts at the waist. Fit for royalty and everyday women alike, this shape is guaranteed to make you feel like a princess and provides the ultimate statement.



 The mermaid shape is fitted from the bust through the thighs, before flaring out around the knees. This silhouette closely hugs each of your curves and is the perfect way to show off your hourglass figure. 


Fit & Flare

Similar to the mermaid, the fit and flare shape is fitted from the bust through the hips, before gently flowing into a skirt at the mid-thigh. This silhouette gives you the curve-hugging appeal of the mermaid, but with added space for mobility and comfort. 


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