5 Two-Piece Prom Dresses We Love

5 Two-Piece Prom Dresses We Love

The two piece prom dress trend has been around for a few years, but we always find new designs we love. Somehow, it only keeps getting better, and we love when girls choose this fun silhouette for prom! To inspire you in your search for a prom dress, here are a few of our favorite two piece designs. 


50886 by Tarik Ediz

If you love bold florals like we do, this Tarik Ediz dress is perfect for you! The gorgeous flower print is made from sequins, giving this dress a fun shimmery effect perfect for prom. We especially love the layered look the black tulle gives, giving a fun sheer ethereal quality to the flowers.


53448 by Sherri Hill

If you’re looking for all-over sparkle, this soft pastel shimmering dress is for you. The all-over sequins and beading make this dress catch the light as you move, making it a fun, flirty standout. 


54057 by Sherri Hill

This gorgeous two piece Sherri Hill prom dress has our jaws on the floor. We love the fringe shoulders, giving this dress a unique but fun touch that looks incredible as you move. The rest of the dress is neutral, keeping the gorgeous fringe the star of the show. 


1617 by Alyce Paris

If you love the two piece prom look, but want to keep it relatively simple, this gorgeous Alyce Paris dress is for you. The bold color and fun off-the-shoulder neckline give it interest, while the classic silhouette and chic design keep things simple. 


54157 by Sherri Hill

This gorgeous Sherri Hill prom dress looks simple from far away, but up close it features a detailed, shimmering design overlaid on the sleeves and illusion neckline. This subtle shimmer gives this dress the perfect hint of sparkle, and we can’t get enough of it. 

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