2022 Prom Makeup Trends

2022 Prom Makeup Trends

Prom season is here, and there are many decisions to make! Finding your prom dress and makeup are just as important as figuring out your hair. If you’re unsure of how to do your makeup for prom, don't worry; we at WhatchamaCallit are here to help you out every step of the way. Read on for some fresh prom makeup inspo!


Bright Blue Shadow

 For a look that's all about the eyes, take your favorite shade of blue eye shadow and apply it all over the lid! This is a great makeup choice for girls opting for more neutral gowns. 

Follow up with a swipe of glittery blue shadow on the lash line for extra sparkle!


White Graphic Liner

White graphic liner has gotten so popular this year - why not incorporate it into your prom makeup? After applying a pretty shimmer shade to your lids, give your look some added oomph by lining your lashes with a white graphic eyeliner. Trace the shape along your lashes and then round out the line toward the inner corner of your eye to get a prom look that's out of this world.


Neon Lids

Your whole wardrobe is going neon this spring, and your prom look should be no different! Neon eyeshadow will give your prom makeup a bright pop of color that matches the rest of your look. We love the way cat-eye liner makes an angular shape — it feels extra glamorous.


Sharp Cat Eye

When you're wearing a dress that's the main attraction, all you really need are flawless eyeliner and glossy lips. You can't go wrong with a sharp winged liner to enhance your eyes! What we love about this trend is how versatile it is - winged eyeliner can truly be as dramatic or chic & simple as you want it to be!


Berry Lips

 A pretty berry lip is a great alternative to a classic red if you want to make a statement. Bonus if it matches your eye makeup! There are so many different shades of berry and purple lip colors out there, making this a perfect trend for girls of all skin tones. 

If you’re inspired by these makeup trends but still need a gown, come visit us at WhatchamaCallit in Texas to find your dream prom dress today!